The Foods Company Limited (TFCL), trading as MALDECO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Press Corporation and operates three divisions; MALDECO Fisheries engaged in capture fishing (open lake); MALDECO Aquaculture which grows Chambo in cages on the lake and MALDECO Feeds which produces commercial livestock feed.

The company started its operations in the 1950’s as a family enterprise. In 1968 the company was bought by MALAWI Development Corporation who in turn sold it to ADMARC in 1985. ADMARC sold the company to Press Corporation Limited in November 1989.

Based in Mangochi District of the Eastern part of Malawi, MALDECO, is the largest aquaculture producer of Tilapia (Chambo) in Malawi.

Our Community

TFCL strives to give back to the community within which it operates. TFCL achieves this by providing portable water to the surrounding villages. TFCL has for generations also been a key employer to people from its immediate surrounding. In addition, many people have for years depended on trading in fish supplied by TFCL. This is both people within the community where TFCL operates and in other parts of the country.

Social Responsibility

TFCL sells fingerlings to small scale fish farmers, and other small organizations as part of its corporate social responsibility and has capacity to support in providing fingerlings for Chambo production to Malawians and small scale farmers interested to engage in Chambo production.

Our Environment

We work closely with the Department of Fisheries and we contribute to policy measures which aim to protect and conserve the fish population of Lake Malawi from overfishing.