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The Foods Company popularly known as Maldeco, a subsidiary of conglomerate Press Corporation Limited , recently partnered Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) in a project that will promote sustainable fish farming, among other goals.

The project focuses on aquaculture and fisheries and is being funded by the World Bank.

Under the agreement, Maldeco Fisheries will offer practical expertise on aquaculture to Luanar students.

According to Maldeco Chief Commercial Officer, Yvonne Chikwiri, the project is targeting students pursuing a Master of Science in Aquaculture as well as those studying for a doctor of philosophy in the same filed.

“This is apart from already offering undergraduates from Luanar and Mzuni training support for hands-on expertise on aquaculture production,” Chikwiri said.

Luanar is the Africa Centre of Excellence for Eastern and Southern Africa in the World Bank funded project.

The overall objective of the project is to train a pool of skilled and innovative graduate students to contribute towards improved fish-based food and incomes from aquaculture and fisheries in Africa.

The AquaFish Centre builds on Luanar’s track record of serving as a regional training centre in aquaculture and fisheries science for Africa.

Maldeco Fisheries has assured its customers of consistent supply of its chambo fish from now till the end of the year.

This was disclosed on Friday during a media and customer tour organised by the company in Mangochi.

Maldeco Acting General Manager, Jenala Ngwale, said the supply of Maldeco Chambo is expected to increase by 2019.

“We plan to harvest over 500 tonnes by the end of this year from the 33 cages that are already stocked with fish. We also plan to increase production every year so that we reach our target of over 2,000 tonnes per year in 2019,” she said.

We might disagree on a number of subjects but when it comes to the taste of Malawi’s distinct fish specie, Chambo, no one holds dissenting views. But imagine life in the country without fish more particularly Malawi Chambo!

A lot of people say it would be unbearable. This is the more reason, Maldeco, one of the companies under Press Corporation has embarked on a serious investment drive to ensure steady supply of the tasty Malawi Chambo on the market and conserve it for posterity.

Operations Manager responsible for Projects within Press Corporation, Dr. Lyton Chithambo, disclosed this in Blantyre. He said Maldeco has evolved over the years from 1950s as a family business before it was bought by Malawi Development Company (MDC) in 1968. MDC ran it for a few years and sold the company again to ADMARC in 1983.

The entity was managed just for three more years till it was sold to Press Corporation in 1986. Chithambo further said the Press Group analysed the weaknesses of the company and embarked on a serious drive to realign the company in a bid to meet market trends.